Tracking Gandhi


edition inventio, Dortmund 2019

Hardcover, 184 pages, 78 ills., 24x30 cm Bilingual German–English
Texts by Anja Bohnhof, Silke Eikermann-Moseberg, Tushar A. Gandhi and Rainer Hörig

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ProfiFoto Book of the Month 11/2019

Silver - German PhotoBook Award 2019/20

Award of Excellence, 10. Intern. Creative Media Award 2019


The photographer Anja Bohnhof followed in the geographical footsteps of the visionary and resistance fighter Mahatma Gandhi for a period of five years, travelling to many different places in India, Bangladesh, South Africa and Europe that were important for his life and work.


This unique project required a great deal of perseverance and effort. Moreover, the work includes images of places that have not previously been considered in connection with Gandhi. The result is extensive and complex and offers numerous starting points for an examination that goes far beyond biographical aspects alone. Along with their documentary quality, the photographs are each charged with a compelling push and pull between contemporary aspects and a historical aura.


The relevance of Gandhi today is also deepened through text contributions by Tushar A. Gandhi, a great-grandson of the Mahatma and the author Rainer Hörig, who is well-versed with South Asian affairs.

ISBN 978-3-00-062675-3


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Gandhi's Birthplace, Porbandar, India


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Gandhi Adarsh Middle School, Champaran, India


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Noakhali March, Sadhurkhil, Bangladesh


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Sabarmati Ashram, Ahmedabad, India


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Archive Navajivan Trust, Ahmedabad, India


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Kochrab Ashram, Ahmedabad, India


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Triveni Sangam, Prayagraj, India